Did you know many members of the OVC frequent a virtual chat called SecondLife? That’s right since 2008 members of the OVC have utilized the tools of SecondLife to meet and socialize, build, host clubs, discussion forums and network with various other members that make up the OVC. While the vampire community abroad seems like a ghost town there are a few of us still around that still venture into the world of SecondLife. For lack of information and tutorials overtime some have left out of frustration. Coven of V is here to provide that information and tutorial information on how to use SecondLife from creating of avatars to purchasing and buying a home or opening a business.


Welcome Hubs & Communities that cater to newbies.

Avatar Appearance & Management Tutorials

Clothing Tattoo Layers/Mesh Clothing/Appliers

  • Shapes
  • Skins
  • Mesh Bodies
  • Mesh Heads
  • Mesh Hands & Feet Attachments

Uploading Funds & Linden Transactions

Marketplace & Shopping

Rezzing & Opening Packages

Purchasing & Managing Land Properties and Options