Welcome to Coven of V. My name is Vabieon and I’ve been a member of the OVC since the year of 2003. In that time I ran a network for the real vampire community known as Immortal Covenant, (I.C.) for short. It was both an educational resource and support network for newly awakened vampires during that time. Since that time I’ve joined other OVC memberships that introduced me to some of the elders of the community at the time. Many of those elders have since then retired. I took a long break because I needed one. Unfortunately that meant letting go of the sites I’d built. I tried reaching out to a few members of the community that I trusted to take over but due to busy schedules and other community obligations most hands were tied. Although there is very little activity I’m still a member of the VCMB and Voices of the Vampire Community.  I never thought I’d see the day where the OVC was just as dead as a graveyard. However today, that’s exactly what’ it’s become.

Due to politics and “elite” self proclaimed title bearers the community all but folded against itself from the inside out. For this reason Coven of V neutral towards any house, coven or court that promotes or alienates other members of the vampire community. I believe the community is too diverse to try and fit each of us into a small categorized box. I don’t think the internet needs another real vampire resource website. Perhaps a directory of sorts with an additional selection for black swans. However that said, I will not be redoing one. Instead I welcome newly awakened and old timers alike to take part in fellowship with me and those that wish to associate themselves with Coven of V.

What you will find on this website will be information for real vampires in the form of resource links, my own rants and posts and useful information for the SecondLife dwellers. Services I offer “free” to the Vampire Community and art.